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Tukee. We administrate servers and enhance fault tolerance of high load projects.

10 years of experience with major brands.

Fixed price
Unlimited hours and tasks
24/7 support, SLA
One server
for $190 a month
We will ensure stable operation of your project, no matter how hard the load is.

Our services
Create IT and Web Infrastructures
We will create and support an infrastructure, perfectly tailored for your goals and traffic.
Ensure Fail Safety
We create super scalable and High Availability systems. Work with Kubernetes and Docker.
Set up Continuous Integration and Delivery
You will easily launch new features without any risk. The server will be available during the update.
Provide Server Administration
We will take care of all necessary operations on your Linux server.
Manage IT Operations
We audit and optimize IT processes. Build and deploy IT services based on ITIL, ITSM.
Support Cloud Solutions
We create and support services based on cloud technologies.

We have automated 95% of the tasks to reduce the costs for you.
Basic Administration
For simple sites and services that are not under high load.
  • We take care of all necessary operations on your Linux server, where your database, app or site is placed.
  • We continuously monitor availability and instantly solve troubles.
  • Services:
  • Primary setup of the server: $290 once
  • 24/7 support: $190 per month regardless of the amount of the tasks
Unlimited package
For services and projects that need everything to be included.
Includes a personal account Manager.
from $990
We create a High Availability Kubernetes cluster. Including set up the CI/CD pipelines. If necessary, we can replace the exploitation department and optimize the architecture of the project.


24/7 support: $990 per month

Setup and support of the Kubernetes cluster (including CI/CD): $1190 /month

We are nice and easy to collaborate
We pay attention to security
We always think about the security of your projects in the first place. We use our own solutions to ensure the safety of your networks, web-services, and data.
Value your confidentiality
We sign a non-disclosure agreement since the start of our work. If necessary, we can sign it at the start of negotiation.
Ensure the safety of your data
According to our 10 years of experience, we store all backup data by the 3-2-1 principle.
Monitored 24/7
Each server, service, and node is connected to our monitoring system. We are constantly checking the availability of the service and react instantly, if any trouble.
Appreciate your trust
We are always punctual about tasks and deadlines. Stick to ITSM and ITIL.
Reduce the costs
The less time your tasks take, the less money you pay. That is why we have automatized 95% of routine.

You could use our help if:
Your system administrator has left the project, and you are looking for an expert to take care of your servers.
Your site or service is unable to handle the load, works slowly, and is frequently down. The customers are upset with the quality of the service..
You are working on a complex project. You are continuously launching new features and would like to ensure the stability and fail-safety of the servers.

Zero problems on the server. Round-the-clock support.
We offer a free consultation to develop an individual solution for your goals.

Feedback from our customers

Trust us
Our clients are major auto, clothing, and makeup brands. They value the reliability of their servers as thousands of users browse their apps and sites.

Viacheslav Nikolaev
Founder of TUKEE
He has more than 10 years of expertise with high-load Linux-based internet servers. Has worked with Canon, Castorama, Comfy, Puma, and in 20 Loreal projects.

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